Ercument Gul’s new album Aniden will be published in September, 2013. Ercument Gul, who studied with world-wide famous great musicians such as Aydin Esen and Erkan Ogur, takes interest in his progressive style, his fluent guitar playing and different musical approach. In business life he is working as a mechanical engineer and with this album he shows his secret musical backround which is over 20 years.

He played in this album with Tolga Bedir (keys), Engin Recepogullari (sax), Serdar Barcin (sax), Semih Burcu (bass), Erhan Seckin (drums) and Hami Unlu (drums), who are very important jazz musicians in Turkey. Aniden is an instrumantal jazz album, however you can find very different styles in this music, such as funk, r&b, rock, fusion and ethnic. The musical approach of the album purposes to reach not only to jazz listeners, but also to reach all instrumental music listeners. Even though the level of the music is too high, lots of different music listeners can like this music easly and even to dance with some songs of the album.
“All songs of the Album Aniden , which is produced by Tolga Bedir , are written and arranged by Ercüment Gül.”