Ercüment Gül was born in Istanbul on 09.05.1981. He started to music with playing piano at the age of 5 and had his first electric guitar, when he was 13. He tried to discover the music and the guitar without any training and education for many years. In later years he learned the music with master-apprentice relationship.

He studied in university BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering and MBA, as well. During his university years, he took guitar lessons from Sarp Maden and Emre Karabulut, who are very important jazz guitarists in Turkey. He played in lots of bars, cafes and concert halls in a variety of styles, such as jazz, blues, funk, r & b and rock. Then he met with Erkan Ogur and unwittingly set into a deep and long relationship with music. He exceled his playing abilities with Erkan Ogur and worked with him for many years about jazz guitar, fretless guitar, mysticism music, and Turkish music. He met incidentally with Aydin Esen too, who is another legendary name, and worked with him on modern music and advanced jazz harmony. Esen made the following comments for him; “Ercument Gul is a very talented and musical guitar player. Give him the chance to explore and go forward with the beautiful sounds he is offering. I recommend him highly.”